What an evening, what a venue, what an audience.. Sunday evening in Levis’ Bar, saw the Two Lifetimes Late tour come to an end. Such a great venue attracts such a great audience, held in silence, captivated by the sounds and you couldn’t possibly fit anybody else in. The addition of violin from Dolcie Keogh was the icing on the cake. We’re hoping to see more from this collaboration soon. See you next time!


I can safely say the night was enjoyed by all, as half of the town came pouring in to investigate the rumours of music in the barbers…

With a light bluesy set from Aaron O’sullivan to get the crowd warmed up, followed by high energy tunes with an undoubtable comedic value from Declan McCarthy.

Finally, Fintan gave us a 40 minute set of some never-before-heard songs to give us all a taste of what we can expect from his EP launch in June. Impossible not to notice the atmosphere that Daniel Nash provides,the two seem to lock in perfectly.

Crudges Barbershop Gig Photo